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Got A Christmas Tree?

No problem! Qualitymaster Carpet Care can clean around your Christmas Tree without destroying it! We take care of all your last minute cleaning needs. Call Qualitymaster Carpet Care today for your carpet and tile cleaning. Qualitymaster Carpet Care (602) 505-4091 http://qualitymastercarpet.com/

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The Best Carpet Cleaner Around!

At Qualitymaster Carpet Care we believe in quality floor cleaning. We want to make sure your floor is clean and that you’re satisfied. Whether it is carpet, tile, wood, or any other floor type, we have the proper cleaning products and equipment to get the job done correctly. Let the professionals at Qualitymaster Carpet Care clean your flooring. Call…

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Tile & Grout Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your grout/ tile isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, it’s Qualitymaster Carpet Care’s job to handle this job for you! When you maintain the tile and grout, you’re improving the lifespan of the flooring. People don’t know that by not properly cleaning their bathroom tile it can cause mold, which can cause breathing issues….

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