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Summer Carpet Cleaning

Oh no! The kids are out of school for summer break! This means a lot more cleaning and picking up after them. They play outside then come inside with their shoes on leaving the carpet dirty or they’re enjoying their ice cold cherry flavored Popsicle when all of a sudden they accidentally drop it. These create stubborn stains on…

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Carpet Stain Removal Surprise, AZ

Sometimes people try crazy things to get stains out of their carpets such as unusual cleaning solutions and dyes. What individuals don’t realize is Qualitymaster Carpet Care is just a phone call away. Don’t go to the extreme with crazy DIY ideas, just call the professionals. When it involves removing tough stains from your carpet, we are the experts….

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Kool-Aid Stain On My Carpet!

Don’t worry, Qualitymaster Carpet Care can get out red carpet stains, as well as most KOOL-Aid carpet stains!  Before you go crazy trying to get that red stain out of the carpet, and risking damaging your carpet, call Qualitymaster Carpet Care to remove the stain.  Blue Otter pops are another popular stain that is virtually impossible to remove without…

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