How To Computer Tips For Seniors

Many of us were simply not introduced to computers till the early 2000’s, unlike the young kids today that are practically born using a computer, or some handheld touch screen device.  We understand this, and have developed a few easy to follow tips to using a personal computer.  There are many components to a computer.  There is a monitor, sometimes the computer is all in one attached to the monitor, and sometimes there is a separate piece called a tower.  There is also a keyboard and a mouse.  These are all components on every computer.  Laptop computers are computers that have a screen that will fold down over the keyboard, and instead of a mouse there is a track pad — located in the middle of the laptop usually, in front of the keyboard.  Essentially, instead of rolling the mouse around, you use your finger instead, and the trackpad has the ability to be presses on the left or right side, similar to standard mouse buttons.

  2. Using the mouse is like a TV Remote control, but it stays flat on the surface.  The ouse is a device that allows you to navigate all over your monitor.
  3. You can click on icons, open new programs and much more.
  4. The left button is generally the one you will use, the right button is for more advance ouse users.
  6. The keyboard is really just like a typewriter, but you can it the back space and delete without having to use correction fluid.
  7. Some keyboards have a number pad to the right that is like a calculator or 10 key, and some just have the keyboard.
  9. The newer computers now have USB cables that plug right into the back of your computer.
  10. Some keyboards and mouse device require no wires!  There are after market wireless keyboards and devices that can be purchased.  The is usually a small device that plugs into your computer and a button on the keyboard or mouse when ready to operate.
  12. As with anything else, practice makes perfect.  Within a short amount of time you will become very comfortable, even dependent o you computer for many things!

There will be more how to tips to come, please check back!

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Author: ©2017 Tyra Wade
Date: 03/10/2017