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Professional Mattress Cleaning

When was the last time you got your mattress cleaned? Most people will say never. You may think “well I always have sheets on” but things can still go through the sheets especially if it’s liquid. Also, dead skin will find a way to attach to your mattress. You don’t want to be sleeping on dead skin cells, do…

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Summer Carpet Cleaning

Oh no! The kids are out of school for summer break! This means a lot more cleaning and picking up after them. They play outside then come inside with their shoes on leaving the carpet dirty or they’re enjoying their ice cold cherry flavored Popsicle when all of a sudden they accidentally drop it. These create stubborn stains on…

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Tips To Prepare For Phoenix, AZ Summer

Summer in Phoenix, AZ is so hot that I have actually placed a cookie sheet in the backseat of my car with raw cookie dough balls on it.  Left the windows of the car rolled up, went to work my 8 hour shift, came out and had fresh Arizona baked chocolate chip cookies with no bottom crispness or burning!…

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